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Due to changes in Topica’s policies all subscriptions and unsubscriptions must go through their site. We used to be able to add you to the list when we received an email from you requesting to be added, but this is no longer possible. The best solution? Setup a free account at Topica and from there you can do everything you want to do with our list and many others very easily. You can also try List Help here if you are still having problems.
Most common recently asked question: How come I don’t get my jokes on Friday?
Our Filthy Friday Edition, while greatly loved by most subscribers, was a little too much for some, so if you want the Filthy Friday Edition, you must subscribe to it separately.
And don’t forget about Discordant Collywobbles! Links to join all lists are below!

Little Johnny's list is over 10,000 subscribers now and I just gotta say - we definitely have the best people around on our list! They send us all sorts of suggestions for both the list and the site, and sometimes just want to tell us how much they love Little Johnny! Keep the suggestions and comments coming in - I read them all!

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So go read some jokes about me and get ready for some great new features here real soon!


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Little Johnny’s Joke List is published 4 times a week, Monday through Thursday.


Little Johnny’s Filthy Friday Edition is sent out only on Friday and was created for those who fail to grasp the concept of ‘a joke’ or are just plain easily offended. If you fall into either category, don’t subscribe to the Filthy Friday edition!

Discordant Collywobbles is a list for Little Johnny subscribers to discuss anything they want. It can get pretty rowdy in there so if you can’t stand the heat...

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