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Over  the 22 years I have been involved with building and repairing computers I have  been involved with many user groups, BBS's and of course, the Internet. During  this time people have sent me hundreds, probably thousands of pictures,  articles, text files and manuals for me to provide a home for! Some of these are  still relevant to today's systems, and others are just interesting enough to  keep around. Others occupy many unlabeled and unsorted boxes in storage.  However, I have lost some of the origins, copyright information and other data  regarding some of these files. So if anything on this system is recognized as  being copyrighted, please inform us and we will either provide acknowledgment to  the owner, meet their usage requirements, or remove the item.

Any representations or implications implied by any of the jokes do  not in any way express the representations of Sandstorm Consulting Services,  Horizon Data Technologies or any of our affiliated web sites.

Please note that all copyright notices refer to the design and  publishing of these pages, not necessarily the content of some pages

                                                               Thank you